Control and Sensor

When you want to stop actuator at the commanded position or you want to move actuator smoothly position or velocity sensor is necessary.
In the case ambient temperature change or big vibration is given from outside, if sensing signal is disturbed by noise, it's not possible to control precisely.
If sensor doesn't have contact against actuator and sensor can get stable signal, it makes accurate position, velocity control possible.
LEVEX is trying to sense moving object as its shape.
It is disc, rack & pinion, chain and gear…etc, for example.
LEVEX is trying to sense by non-contact uneven disc, continuous head of bolts, big rod which mass is over tons, very small groove which diameter is less than 1 mm, hot and cold object which is exposed which is exposed to oil and water.
LEVEX is trying to sense very small displacement such as linear, rotating motion, and pressure.
LEVEX is trying to sense secretly without disturbing motion of control subject in the application which is required position and velocity control.

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